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Used stairlifts from top a brand at low price. We explicitly work with stairlifts from Otolift. Choose the cost-effective and sustainable solution from 123Stairlifts!

  • Cost-effective – up to 50% cheaper
  • Safe – stairlifts from top brands
  • Reuse – better for the environment

Used stairlift models

Save up to 50% with a reconditioned stairlift

At 123Stairlifts, we take pre-owned stairlifts and make them great again. We meticulously refurbish them in our factory, ensuring they’re ready to provide reliable service for many more years. Our approach isn’t just good for your pocket, it’s also great for the planet. By sprucing up not just the chair but the rail as well, we make our stairlifts even more budget-friendly. So, you can expect our revitalized stairlifts to be up to 50% cheaper than a brand-new one.

Only the best: Otolift Stairlifts

123Stairlifts provides stairlifts from top brands. We work exclusively with stairlifts from the brand Otolift, one of the leading brands in the stairlift market. Our used stairlifts are always delivered with a full warranty. They undergo thorough inspections and are refurbished at all essential points. With a second-hand lift from 123Stairlifts, you can significantly save on costs without compromising on quality and ease of use.

Installed Stairlifts

Modul-Air met draaibare zitting
Otolift Modul-Air
Otolift Two met blauwe bekleding
Otolift Two curved staircase
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Purchasing a stairlift with ease

Acquiring a refurbished stairlift from us is a straightforward process. Once you reach out to us, we will promptly arrange a visit from our experienced advisor. They will evaluate your staircase and present you with a non-obligatory quote. Should the quote meet your expectations, we will contact you at the earliest to schedule the installation. Thanks to our extensive in-stock range, we guarantee a swift delivery and installation process, typically completed within half a day. Our skilled technicians will not only install your stairlift but also provide comprehensive instructions on its operation. They will depart only after ensuring you are confident with its usage.

As good as new!

At 123Stairlifts, your safety and reliability are our utmost priorities. We stand by the belief that a refurbished stairlift should perform on par with a brand-new one. Therefore, we only deal with the reliable brand Otolift. Each lift undergoes a comprehensive inspection by our team, and all essential components are refurbished to their best condition. With 123Stairlifts, you can enjoy the benefits of a nearly new stairlift at a significantly lower cost.

A suitable stairlift for every staircase

Every home is unique, and every staircase situation is different. That’s why there are stairlifts available for virtually all types of situations. Whether your home has a straight staircase or one with one or multiple curves, 123Stairlifts has a suitable used lift in stock for almost every situation. If you want to know which stairlift is most suitable for your staircase, please contact us for expert advice. Our advisor will be happy to visit your home and assist you.

Free in-home consultation

A used stairlift offers significant cost savings

A refurbished stairlift can trim up to 50% off the cost of a new one. Yet, since every staircase presents its own set of challenges and there are numerous types of stairlifts, it’s impossible to provide a one-size-fits-all price. Your unique staircase and requirements directly impact the final price. For complete transparency, we quote prices that reflect your unique needs and circumstances. Our advisor is readily available for a complimentary home visit to evaluate your staircase. This evaluation will help provide a tailor-made, no-obligation quote that caters to your situation and preferences.

Prefer to rent a stairlift?

A second-hand stairlift, despite being more affordable than a new one, still represents an investment. If this upfront cost seems daunting, we offer an alternative. You have the option to rent a refurbished stairlift from us. In this scenario, you cover a one-time installation fee and the cost of a second-hand or new rail, along with a manageable monthly fee for the stairlift’s rental and maintenance. This arrangement enables you to access a stairlift that is almost new at a significantly reduced initial investment.

Stairlifts with full warranty

We have complete confidence in the quality of our products and therefore provide our lifts with a full warranty. Even with a second-hand stairlift, it is important that it does not develop any issues shortly after purchase. That’s why we offer a 1-year warranty on all our stairlifts. To ensure that your stairlift continues to operate flawlessly in the long run, regular maintenance is essential. By signing up for a maintenance contract with us, we even offer a warranty of up to 10 years on your stairlift.

Our service department is ready to assist you

All our second-hand stairlifts undergo thorough inspections before delivery. They are expertly installed and meticulously maintained by our technicians. However, occasional malfunctions can occur. That’s why our service department is available 24/7 to address any issues that may arise. We are here to provide assistance and ensure that your stairlift operates smoothly at all times.

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