Stairlifts For Narrow Stairs

If you are considering purchasing a stairlift but have concerns about whether it will fit on your narrow stairs, your worries are understandable but most likely unnecessary. At 123Stairlifts, you will find stairlifts that are designed to fit on stairs as narrow as 60 centimeters. The stairlifts for narrow stairs are specifically designed to maximize the available space when not in use. This allows you to navigate your steep and narrow stairs effortlessly while ensuring that other users of the stairs are not inconvenienced by the stairlift.

The most compact stairlift for narrow stairs is the Otolift Air

This stairlift features a rail with a diameter of six centimeters, making it the thinnest single rail in the world. This makes the Otolift Air highly suitable for installation along the inner curve of your narrow stairs. As a result, the handrail can remain in place. This applies to narrow stairs with curves, as well as to any narrow straight stairs, making this extremely compact stairlift an excellent choice.

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How does the stairlift save space on a narrow staircase?

The Otolift Air is fully foldable, ensuring that the stairlift never obstructs the stairwell when not in use. During operation, the compact stairlift, equipped with automatic swivel seat, optimizes the use of limited space. The seat automatically rotates using Reverse Drive Technology, allowing for optimal adaptation to any staircase configuration. This way, the seat smoothly navigates each section of the staircase, ensuring sufficient space is left.

  • The stairlift maximizes space-saving on a narrow staircase through:
  • The world’s thinnest single rail.
  • The ability to keep the handrail in place.
  • A fully foldable seat.
  • Its ultra-compact design.
  • The automatic swivel seat feature.

The prices of a stairlift for a narrow staircase

At 123Trapliften, we specialize in providing used stairlifts. However, our stairlifts are refurbished to such a high standard that they are as good as new. With our extensive experience, we know how to optimize the reuse of materials. We thoroughly refurbish the seat and the slim single rail, and we ensure that components like the battery are replaced. This means that you essentially have a brand-new stairlift that smoothly transports you up and down your narrow staircase, all for the price of a used stairlift.

If you would like more information about the stairlift and whether it is suitable for your narrow staircase, please contact us!

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