Renting a stairlift?
Starting from £70 per month

Renting a (second-hand) stairlift is a great option if you only need the stairlift for a short period of time. At 123Stairlifts, you can rent a stairlift starting from £70 per month. At the end of the rental contract, we will dismantle the stairlift neatly and free of charge. This way, you can keep costs low and use a safe stairlift without any worries.

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Renting a Second-Hand Stairlift

Are you interested in renting a second-hand stairlift? When you’re recovering at home after surgery, navigating the stairs can be challenging for a few weeks or months. A stairlift can provide a safe and effective solution during this time. If you know that you’ll only need the stairlift temporarily, you can choose to rent it. At 123Stairlifts, we always offer rental options for stairlifts from the top brand Otolift. Whether you rent or purchase a stairlift, they both offer the same quality and reliability. All our second-hand stairlifts are available for both sale and rental purposes.

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Benefits of Renting a Stairlift

  • Expert advice from our advisor
  • Safe and reliable stairlifts from quality brands
  • One-time initial fee (for customizing the rail and installation
  • Rent a stairlift starting from £70 per month
  • Rental price includes service and maintenance
  • Our service department is available 24/7
  • Professional installation by experienced technicians
  • Short-term rental contracts
  • Monthly cancellable rental
  • Free dismantling and removal after the rental period

Renting a stairlift from 123Stairlifts is easy. First, you schedule an appointment with a 123Stairlifts advisor to measure your staircase. Together, you discuss the options and your preferences. Afterwards, you will receive a non-binding price and rental quote. If you agree to the quote, we will ensure that the stairlift is installed as quickly as possible.

The cost of renting a stairlift from 123Stairlifts

consists of two parts. Firstly, there is a one-time fee for customizing the rail and installing the stairlift. Straight stairlifts are easier to customize and therefore cheaper than curved stairlifts. The cost of renting a straight stairlift starts at £750. For a staircase with a curve, the starting price is £1250.

In addition, there is a monthly rental fee for the stairlift. At 123Stairlifts, you can rent a second-hand stairlift starting from £70 per month. The exact rental price is determined by the model of the stairlift, the side of installation, and the length of the rail. Maintenance and service are included in the rental amount.

Need Expert Advice?

If you are curious about the exact costs of renting a stairlift for your staircase, please call us or fill in the form below. Schedule a non-binding appointment with one of our advisors to explore your options together. Our advisor will then calculate the price for renting a stairlift specifically tailored to your staircase.

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Renting or Buying a Stairlift?

What is the best choice: renting or buying a stairlift? This primarily depends on the rental period, but the buyback price from 123Stairlifts also plays a role. If you anticipate needing the stairlift for only a few months, the total cost of renting a stairlift is usually lower than purchasing one. However, if you require the lift for a longer period, buying becomes more cost-effective. On average, renting a stairlift is more economical if you use it for less than 1.5 years. This, of course, depends on factors such as the stairlift model.

The advantage of purchasing a second-hand stairlift is its residual value. If you no longer need the Otolift stairlift in the future, you can always sell it to 123Stairlifts. Our offer is dependent on the condition of the stairlift. For a stairlift in good condition, you can receive several hundred pounds.

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