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The costs of a second-hand stairlift are significantly lower than those of a new lift. At 123Stairlifts, the prices of stairlifts are even lower because we also utilize second-hand components for the rail. Especially for stairlifts on stairs with one or multiple bends, this can result in attractive cost savings compared to the price of a new stairlift.

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Save on costs with a second-hand stairlift

With a stairlift from 123Stairlifts, you can save hundreds to thousands of euros on the cost of a stairlift. This is because our second-hand stairlifts are primarily composed of used components. However, you won’t be able to tell the difference. With a straight stairlift, you can save up to £2,000. For a curved stairlift, the savings can be as much as £3,800. We are confident in our prices, which is why we offer the lowest price guarantee. You can be assured that you’re getting a great deal.

The price of a second-hand stairlift depends on the shape of your staircase. A straight stairlift is cheaper than a curved stairlift since a straight rail is easier to customize. The shape of your staircase determines the stairlift model; you cannot choose the model. However, you can limit the cost of the stairlift by selecting budget-friendly rail options. For example, you can choose installation on the outside of the staircase, meaning the stairlift is placed on the wider side of the steps, often along the wall and handrail side. Additionally, the choice of the start and end points of the rail contributes to the total price. Having the rail stop just before the stairs is cheaper than having a parking bend.

What is the price of a stairlift?

A second-hand stairlift typically ranges in price from £1,700 to £4,000. The price depends on the options mentioned earlier. We cannot provide an exact price for a stairlift on our website because we do not know the specific shape of your staircase or your preferences. However, we can provide a price indication for a stairlift:

    • Straight stairlift: starting from £1.690
    • Stairlift with 1 bend: starting from £2.590
    • Stairlift with multiple bends: starting from £2.890
    • Stairlift rental: £70 per month

If you would like an exact price, please feel free to request a no-obligation price quote.

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Second-hand stairlift prices from a top brands

Second-hand stairlifts are clearly more affordable than new ones because you choose quality with a second life. At 123Stairlifts, we have one major advantage when it comes to stairlift prices. We specialize in used stairlifts from one of the top brands on the stairlift market, Otolift. This means that you will always purchase a quality stairlift at a low price. Before we sell a second-hand stairlift, we thoroughly inspect it. We check the rail and the seat for any damages and routinely replace parts that wear quickly, such as the battery and seat upholstery.

Would you like an exact price for your stairlift?

Do you want to know the exact cost of a stairlift for your staircase? Request a no-obligation quote using the form below. Our expert advisor will visit your home, providing detailed information about stairlifts in general, our brands, and the options available for second-hand models. They will also take precise measurements of your staircase and discuss your requirements. Once they have gathered all the necessary information, they will prepare a no-obligation quote specifically tailored to your staircase, providing the exact price of a second-hand stairlift.

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