Stairlifts for a straight staircase

Do you have a straight staircase? Then you can benefit greatly from a second-hand stairlift compared to a new one. Since a straight rail is less complex and easier to reuse, you can save significantly on your used stairlift! Below you can find all the different models of stairlifts that we have in stock for straight staircases.

Straight lifts as good as new!

If your home has a straight staircase, the rail construction can be relatively straightforward. This makes a used straight stairlift the most cost-effective option. We have a large stock of suitable stairlifts for straight stairs, all from the renowned brand Otolift. Each stairlift undergoes thorough inspections and is refurbished to ensure it functions safely and reliably, just like a new lift. We also ensure that all our stairlifts have neat upholstery, giving them a (almost) new appearance. If needed, we can customize the rail to fit your staircase or order a new rail from Otolift. With 123Trapliften, you can always count on a well-fitting and dependable refurbished stairlift.

Most comprehensive option through complete reuse

Our goal is to reuse all materials. This makes a second-hand stairlift, which is already quite affordable, even more cost-effective. All components for the rails are thoroughly inspected and are therefore highly reliable. If necessary, they are provided with a new coating.

Stairlifts from Otolift

We believe that you don’t have to compromise on quality when it comes to a second-hand stairlift. As the supplier of used stairlifts, we work with the renowned brand Otolift. This means that we exclusively offer used stairlifts from this high-quality brand. If necessary, we can also order new parts for the lifts from this top supplier.

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