Otolift Line
The stairlift for straight staircases

The Otolift Line, specially designed for straight stairs, offers convenience and comfort. This compact stairlift is safe and reliable, allowing you to enjoy your home without worries. The Otolift Line is not only durable but also budget-friendly. And best of all, it seamlessly complements your home. Choose the Otolift Line and rediscover the joy of easy access to every floor in your familiar surroundings.

Ample space on your stairs

Not only the user of the stairlift but also others use your staircase. That’s why it’s important that a stairlift takes up as little space as possible. For curved staircases, the stairlift can be attached to the inside or outside curve where it causes the least disruption. However, with a straight staircase, this choice isn’t available. The Otolift Line distinguishes itself with its compact design and slim aluminum rail, making it an excellent choice for straight staircases without bends. These features make the Otolift Line one of our top options in the range for straight staircases, providing you with safe and easy access to all the floors of your home.

Compact and User-Friendly

With its user-friendly, compact design, the Otolift Line saves valuable space on your staircase. The chair folds completely to just 31 centimeters deep, making it one of the most space-saving options for straight staircases. With the simple swivel lever, you can effortlessly turn the chair away from the stairwell, prioritizing convenience when others are using the stairs.

Additionally, we can make the lower section of the rail foldable if desired. When the stairlift is not in use, this part automatically folds up. This allows the rail to smoothly pass by a potential doorway. Furthermore, the rail is equipped with a continuous charging strip, allowing you to park the Otolift Line at any point along the rail.

Reliable and Affordable

The Otolift Line is Otolift’s stairlift designed for straight staircases. During the design process, they paid close attention to reliability and affordability. But that’s not all; user-friendliness is at the core of this stairlift. The chair is lightweight and can be easily folded in and out. Moreover, the seat and backrest are upholstered in comfortable and stylish materials, allowing you to comfortably enjoy your stairlift.

Safe and intuitive

You can control the chair with the control panel conveniently built into the armrest. Just like with all other Otolift stairlifts, the Line chair moves smoothly and goes completely silent as it ascends. Once it reaches the top, the chair stops automatically. You can then swivel the seat and safely disembark. If the chair encounters resistance, such as an obstacle along the way, it stops automatically. This ensures you can always use the stairs safely.

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