Comparing stairlifts:
What to consider

Before investing in a stairlift, you want to determine which lift best suits your personal situation. Therefore, it’s essential to compare the stairlifts based on aspects that are relevant to you. Consider the type of staircase in your home, the budget you want to allocate for a stairlift, or the supplier that gives you a sense of confidence. What should you pay attention to when comparing the various stairlifts?

Comparing stairlifts for a straight or curved staircase

The type of staircase you have is likely the most influential aspect to consider when comparing different stairlifts on the market. For various stairlifts, it makes a significant difference whether you have a straight staircase or one with curves. A straight staircase requires a straight rail, while a curved staircase demands more customization for the rail. In the latter case, the choice between an inside or outside curve also plays a crucial role in your comparison between the different stairlifts.

Stairlift on the inside or outside curve?

When choosing to install the stairlift along the outside curve, you often get a slightly more cost-effective solution. The curves in this case are less sharp, and the incline is less steep. The rail construction along the outside curve is less complex to customize, and the stairlift motor requires less power to handle the incline. However, an essential advantage of installing the stairlift along the inside curve is that the wider sections on the outside of the stairs remain free for other users. If you prefer to keep the walkable area of the stairs clear, then opting for a stairlift along the inside of the curve is the better choice.

Comparing stairlifts for a narrow or wide staircase

If you have a wide staircase, almost all stairlifts are suitable for installation. However, if your staircase is relatively narrow, it’s essential to consider this aspect when comparing different stairlifts. For nearly every narrow staircase, it is possible to install a suitable stairlift; it just requires a bit more attention than a wide staircase. At 123Stairlifts, we ensure even the narrowest staircase is equipped with a stable and comfortable stairlift.

Stairlifts with a single or double rail

During the comparison of different stairlifts, you’ll notice that a stairlift can be mounted with either a single or a double rail. The choice between the two depends on your specific situation. If you opt for a stairlift installed along the inside curve, you’ll likely need a single rail construction. This is because the inclines on stairlifts along the inside curve are often steeper, requiring a single rail. On the other hand, straight staircases or staircases with curves where the stairlift is installed along the outside curve are typically equipped with a double rail. In such cases, the upper rail can be used as a handrail, providing additional comfort. If, even after comparing different stairlifts, you’re unsure about which rail type is most suitable for your situation, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Comparing different stairlift suppliers

During your search for the most suitable stairlift, you’ll likely come across various suppliers. Thyssenkrupp, Stannah, Acorn, Otolift, Handicare, to name a few stairlift suppliers that you can include in your comparison. At 123Stairlifts, we exclusively compare stairlifts from the suppliers Thyssenkrupp and Otolift. Not only can we deliver these stairlifts in excellent condition, but based on decades of experience, we can confidently say that these are the most reputable stairlift suppliers in the market.

Comparing stairlift prices

Finally, the price of a stairlift plays a crucial role in your comparison. This largely depends on the type of stairlift your situation requires. A straight staircase only needs a straight rail, making it more cost-effective than a rail for a curved or spiral staircase. Customizing such a rail is much more complex than for a straight staircase. For staircases with curves, a stairlift installed along the inside curve may be slightly more expensive than a stairlift along the outside curve.

Comparing rental, new, and second-hand stairlifts

In addition to the type of stairlift required for your staircase, it’s worth considering the preferred purchase option while comparing stairlifts. You can choose to purchase a brand-new stairlift, but often it’s more cost-effective to opt for a second-hand stairlift or to rent one. Especially when buying a stairlift from 123Stairlifts, you’ll find a much more budget-friendly option compared to many competitors. This is because we not only reuse the stairlift but also the rail. We thoroughly inspect all used stairlifts and deliver only refurbished stairlifts that meet the same safety standards as new ones.

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