Otolift Two
An affordable stairlift for curved stairs

Sometimes, a stairlift along the outer curve is more suitable, while in other cases, along the inner curve is better. For the latter situation, the Otolift Two is undoubtedly the ideal solution. This stairlift can be perfectly installed along the outer curve of your curved staircase. Thanks to its clever design and slim rail, the Otolift Two takes up minimal space and remains inconspicuous.

Affordable stairlift for stairs with curves

Furthermore, the Otolift Two is also very affordable due to its relatively simple construction. In almost all cases, we can fully reuse the rail components for this stairlift. Thanks to its clever design, we can also install a used Otolift Two relatively quickly and easily on your stairs. This makes a second-hand Otolift Two one of the most cost-effective stairlift options for stairs with curves.

Fits perfectly along the outside curve of your stairs

Even a used Otolift Two stairlift can be perfectly mounted along the outside curve of your stairs. The double loop rail of the Two is exceptionally slim-designed, ensuring it occupies as little space as possible above the walkable part of the stairs. The upper rail of the Otolift Two can also serve as a handrail, providing safety and comfort for everyone using the stairs.

Popular and affordable stairlift

The Otolift Two is one of the most purchased stairlifts in the Netherlands due to its attractive price. We can also reuse the majority of the rail components for the Otolift Two, which is beneficial since the components for curved stairlift rails can be relatively expensive. Opting for a second-hand stairlift provides you with significant cost savings in this regard. We confidently assert that a used Otolift Two may very well be the most affordable second-hand stairlift for curved stairs. That’s why we offer a lowest price guarantee.

Solid and comfortable

Our technicians can also perfectly install a used Otolift Two stairlift along the outside curve of your stairs. The Otolift Two has an extra stable construction, which you can feel during use. Just like with other Otolift stairlifts, you can bring the seat of the Two towards you using the wireless remote control. Once you have folded down the seat and automatically extended the footrest, you’ll notice that the Two provides a surprisingly comfortable seating experience, and you can easily fasten the hip belt with one hand. The user-friendly control panel is conveniently located on the armrest. Once you set the lift in motion, it safely and reliably carries you up and down the stairs.

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