Used Stairlifts

Even a second-hand stairlift needs to perfectly fit your staircase to function effectively and reliably. However, every home is unique, and as a result, there are a wide variety of staircases. We have a suitable used lift in stock for almost all types and sizes of staircases. Whether you have a curved or straight staircase, 123Stairlifts has an appropriate stairlift for you.

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Otolift Line unfoldedOtolift Line unfolded

Otolift Line

The Otolift Line is a compactly built stairlift, specifically designed and suitable for straight stairs. The stairlift not only draws minimal attention, but it also takes up as little space as possible. The Parallel is standardly equipped with a foldable seat, allowing it to take up even less space.

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Traplift Otolift Two voor gebogen trappenTraplift Otolift Two voor gebogen trappen

Otolift Two

The Two is the most affordable stairlift for curved stairs from Otolift. The Two features an ultra-slim, double rail construction. It is designed to be mounted tightly along the outer curve of the stairs. The top rail can also be used as a stair handrail if needed.

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Otolift Air trapliftOtolift Air traplift

Otolift Air

The Otolift Air is an extremely compact stairlift. Moreover, it has the thinnest single rail in the world. The One, the predecessor of the Otolift Air, has even been awarded the Red Dot Design Award. The Air is ideally suited for installation along the inner curve of your stairs.

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Reconditioned stairlifts as good as new!

Thanks to our years of experience with the Otolift brand, we can deliver these stairlifts in almost new condition. We ensure that the used stairlifts are fully refurbished for you. If necessary, the chairs receive new upholstery before delivery, and various parts of the rails are coated with a new finish if needed. We always provide our lifts with new batteries, and the wiring in the rail is replaced. As a result, our pre-owned stairlifts function nearly as well as brand-new ones and maintain an equivalent visual appeal. Safety is our top priority, which is why our second-hand stairlifts meet the same safety standards as new stairlifts.

More affordable from a top brand

123Stairlifts, as one of the few suppliers in the market, provides a used rail for second-hand stairlifts. This makes the price of your second-hand stairlift even more cost-effective. Many other suppliers struggle to offer customized solutions when it comes to used stairlifts. As a result, most used stairlifts on the market are delivered with a new rail. For straight staircases, a used rail is more commonly chosen, but for curved staircases, a new rail is usually required. 123Stairlifts operates differently. We aim to reuse as many components of a stairlift as possible. Therefore, we, as one of the few suppliers in the stairlift market, also apply a used rail for curved stairlifts. With a large inventory of second-hand lifts, we typically have all the necessary components for a suitable rail in stock. If necessary, we can provide the rail with a new coating. By using a reconditioned rail, your second-hand stairlift becomes even more affordable!

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