Otolift Air
Thinnest single rail

The Otolift Air is the ideal solution for stairs where the stairlift is best placed along the inside curve of the staircase. Because the inside curve of the stairs is the steepest, the extra slim rail of the Otolift Air is perfect for installing the stairlift in the most neat and inconspicuous way possible.

Otolift Air stoel

Extra compact stairlift with slim rail

The Otolift Air stairlift is built very compact and requires only a single rail. Moreover, this rail is also very slim. With a diameter of 6 centimeters, it is even the thinnest single rail for stairlifts in the world. The seat of the Otolift Air is extra compactly built. This allows the Otolift Air to be placed excellently on narrow, steep stairs while still keeping the walkable part of the stairs free. Because the Air is placed along the inner curve of the stairs, the handrail can remain in place. This also applies to a used Otolift Air; we can customize it just as neatly for your stairs.

Red Dot Design Award

The predecessor of the Otolift Air, the Otolift One, was the first stairlift with such a slim rail. Thanks to its beautiful and compact design, the Otolift One was awarded the international Red Dot Design Award. The successor, the Otolift Air, is even slimmer and more beautifully executed. This stairlift truly harmonizes with your interior.

A second-hand stairlift, but with all the comfort

A used Otolift Air stairlift is not only stylish and compact but also offers users a lot of comfort. With the help of the supplied wireless remote control, you can easily bring the Otolift Air towards you. The seat is automatically swiveling and has a belt that you can open and close with one hand. This allows you to choose the most comfortable position when getting on and off. During the use of the Otolift Air, you will notice that the seat moves smoothly and silently up and down. The Otolift Air stops automatically at the top of the stairs or if the stairlift encounters any resistance during the journey.

Automatic swiveling seat

The seat of the Otolift Air rotates automatically. Moreover, it can be adjusted optimally to fit any staircase shape. You can choose whether you prefer to go up or down the stairs sideways or straight. You can also determine the most convenient position for the automatically rotating seat at the top of the stairs.

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