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123Stairlifts has dedicated itself to supplying second-hand stairlifts from the well-known brand Otolift. Our company was established by individuals with many years of experience in the stairlift sector. They combined their knowledge and expertise to bring a safe, affordable, and sustainable product to the market.

Our approach

All purchased stairlifts are fully refurbished in our workshop for a second life. We thoroughly inspect them, and the lifts are revised at all essential points. All refurbished stairlifts from 123Stairlifts meet the same safety standards as those for brand new stairlifts. We always supply the stairlifts with new batteries, neat upholstery for the seat, and new wiring in the track.

Reuse of materials

We go to great lengths in the reuse of materials. In fact, we are one of the few suppliers that build the stairlift track from used components. This applies not only to rail systems for straight stairlifts, but also for those with a curve. As we, in principle, do not use new components for the track in our used stairlifts, we can offer our second-hand stairlifts at an even lower price.

We purchase used stairlifts

We source our used stairlifts in various ways. Partly, we get them from our customers who no longer need them, or via the private market. In addition, we also have a network of estate agents, house clearers, and other collectors of used care aids. All the stairlifts we purchase are professionally dismantled and transported by our mechanics. After thorough inspection and refurbishment in our workshop, the acquired lifts are added to our inventory of stairlifts for straight and curved staircases.

Fully refurbished

After disassembly, the stairlifts arrive at our workshop in The Netherlands, where they are extensively tested for proper operation and all safety aspects. The drive is disassembled and thoroughly inspected. Moving parts subject to wear, such as bearings, gears, and safety switches, are replaced if necessary. The drive is then cleaned and tested again for proper functioning. Only when we are convinced that the stairlift is safe and works well, is it added to our stock. The wiring and batteries are replaced preventively. If necessary, the track is also provided with a new powder coating.


Based in Bergambacht, Otolift is a true family business. Otolift is the largest Dutch producer of stairlifts. The company has been around for over 125 years and started focusing on stairlift production in the 1960s. Due to its large international expansion, Otolift is also one of the world’s largest suppliers of stairlifts. More than 500 employees, including 100 mechanics who are on the road every day, work on the production and installation of high-quality stairlifts. Otolift’s product range includes stairlifts for straight stairs and stairs with bends.

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